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Electro-Chemical Machining

Electro-Chemical Machining - A controlled anodic electrochemical dissolution process

Superalloy's Electro-Chemical Machining (ECM) specializes in precision with highly complex geometry in steel and alloys. ECM forming is carried out so that the shape of the tool electrode is transferred onto, or duplicated into, the surface (ID or OD) of the workpiece. ECM is capable of machining any electrically-conductive material with high removal rates, regardless of their mechanical properties.

The removal rate in ECM is completely independent of the hardness, toughness and other properties; the harder the metal, the better ECM becomes. There is practically no tool wear and low tool replacement costs (as compared to conventional machining).

• Electro-Chemical Machining is the method of choice for thin-walled, easily deformable components and also brittle materials prone to cracking in the surface layer. Parts are free of oxide layers and do not undergo thermal or mechanical stress, which improves performance and fatigue resistance. Owing to the lack of mechanical stress, sealing surfaces also achieve much greater integrity than on conventionally machined parts.

ECM Benefits over Conventional Machining

■ Has high material removal rates
■ Can access shapes in difficult locations on workpiece
■ Easily cuts complex shapes
■ Can create thin fragile walls
■ Is stress-free and burr-free
■ Can machine large surface areas

ECM combined with conventional machining techniques creates a unique advantage. ECM roughing + CNC machining leverages the fast material removal rates of ECM with the precision of CNC. CNC rough milling + finish ECM results in high milling rates on titanium with fine finish and contours of ECM. Rough turning + finish ECM leverages our low cost machining with the accuracy of ECM.

Range of Capabilities

We have a wide range of machining capabilities to tackle the most demanding projects.

Machining Capabilities

With our Electro Chemical Machining and more traditional machining methods, we offer a unique advantage.

Customers Across Markets

We have worked with a range of customers, including GE Aviation, Siemens, Rolls-Royce, Aerojet Rocketdyne and more.

Range of Products

We design and manufacture blisks / IBR, blades, vanes, cases and structures across a wide variety of markets.

Three Facilities

Superalloy's capabilities expand across three different plants, with a total of more than 175,000 sq ft of manufacturing space.

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