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Markets: Space

Featured Market: Space

At Superalloy, we pride ourselves on being a premier supplier on the forefront of innovation, working within the industry to develop space-grade solutions that meet the demands for lightweight composition, reliability, and innovative design. Serving most major Prime and OEM organizations across the industry, Superalloy is committed to expanding our customer base, increasing our capabilities, and continuously improving processes to strategically align with our customers’ needs.

We work with customers to engineer and manufacture components and assemblies such as cases and structures, shafts, discs, helicopter rotors, and blade and vanes manufacturing.

Typical Machined Components / Materials:

■ Cases manufacturing, including rings
■ Structures including shafts and discs
■ Blades and vanes manufacturing
■ Inconel 718
■ 17-4 Stainless Steel
■ Titanium 6AL-4V, TI 6-2-4-2

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